Episode 08 – Evan Bernard / The Superweaks


Evan Bernard of The Superweaks

“Better Heavens” The Superweaks

It could take all damn day to cheer me up
Gear me up for the race and wish good luck
Footprints in the snow left by small shoes
That was the last I’d see of you

Your finger’s on the trigger
Won’t you pull it?
Everything is bright and sharp like an arrow
Your small hands, quiet fingers
Won’t you force it?
Watch it fall apart as fast as you know it

It could take all damn day to cheer me up
It’s like I’m stuck in a daze and I gave up
You could be the wave to make me move
I could only feel this way with you

You call me, “I need you”
I promise you I still do
I reach out to see you
But you don’t leave or pull through
The seasons remind you
We’re too depressed to stay true
The games been beneath you
Only to go through the cycles again and again

I had a lot of fun talking with Evan! He makes a mean french press.

Please enjoy this episode ❤

Episode 07 – Mike Bell

-Philadelphia Girls (Winter Edition)-

The girls in this town all have the saddest eyes
It never gets easier watching so many smiles die
Let’s get away for the summer, babe, run as far as we can go
Her face crinkles up, “it’s over”, drops away my hand

I’m not saying I didn’t see this coming
Just wish we’d had more time
I was hoping you’d let the winter die

The anger in the air some days now is too heavy not to breathe
Your awkward stares and new hair cut, the snow falling on the leaves
My hearts hand has been replaced, for another her’s now beats
A message from her in the middle of the night begging me not to leave

This was a real fun one! Mike is a funny guy with a lot to say. I had a blast interviewing him. He makes some predictions for the next four episodes. Stay tuned 🙂

Thanks for listening ❤