Episode 01 – Sean Anderson / Lilt & Bloom


Yeah, you read that right! THIS is episode 01! That picture is of one of my tallest friends Sean Anderson. He’s fantastic! He is a very good song writer!

Please enjoy this episode! It was the first one and I do things differently now. See if you can spot the difference.

Thanks for listening. Episode 2 will be up next week šŸ™‚


Episode 14 – James Pequignot / The SingularĀ 

Wow! THIS one was fun! Not that the others haven’t been, but you get it. I’ve known James for over 10 years now. He’s a beautiful person and a fantastic musician. If you like the song he played or just music in general, please check out his band The SingularĀ Ā for more awesome songs šŸ™‚

James, Eric, and I talked about a lot of things. I really hope you like the interview. Sadly, we don’t touch on how much James looks like John Hodgman or Paul F. Tompkins. I’m sorry.

Thanks for keeping up with WSYI! The first four episodes areĀ going to be up soon.

I miss Algernon ā¤

Episode 13 – Danny / My Mouth Is The Speaker

Watching Danny grow as a song writer and musician over the 8+ years we have been friends has been a dream. He’s a very exciting performer and watching his band play always putsĀ the biggest smile on my face.

This episode was special to me. I was excited to have him come over and talk with me.

Please check out My Mouth Is The SpeakerĀ if you like really good music!

Episode 12 – Jack Smith

Jack is off the grid and that is awesome! He’s a free spirit simply living his life in these crazy times.

It was nice to hear him play music again. I’ve only gotten the chance to see him play a few times before we did this episode.

Thanks again, Jack šŸ™‚


Episode 11 – Chris / The Superweaks


Chris is the Donatello of The Superweaks. TheĀ other teenage mutant ninja turtlesĀ would be okĀ without him, but you would definitely 100% miss the cool gadgets and skills that he brings to the table. He is amazing and I love him. Please check out The Superweaks!

Did you know that Borat references are STILL cool?!

Thanks for keeping up with WSYI! More fun episodes are on the way!

We get lightweight political next week šŸ˜‰