Episode 34 – Gage Volbert / Captain Redbeard and the S. S. Friendship

This episode took a physical and mental toll on me. I get worn down by the end. This one is definitely one of my favorites. Gage is a smart song writer. It was a real benefit having Nick Muffet sit in too.

Check out more of Gage’s music here.

Thanks for listening!


Episode 33 – Eddie Gancos / Alomar / City Cop

It was good getting to sit and just talk with Eddie for an hour. He and I have never had a long conversation before. You get to hear us become actual friends!

Please listen to Alomar and City Cop.

Thanks again, Eddie.

Episode 32 – Eamon / aol.ghost

I had a lot of fun recording this one.

Eamon is a great musician who is contributing to the scene with synths and drum machines rather than a guitars. It’s a good way of contributing while still standing out and being an individual.

Please check out aol.ghost along with all the other projects that were named.

Thanks again, Eamon