Episode 39 – Joe Maas / Zander One / ZOD1AC

Instrumental music is interesting. I’ve never had to talk about how it can make someone feel something. Joe, however, has all kinds of feelings wrapped up in his music.

Joe has a lot of music out there. Keep up with it here.

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Episode 38 – Julia and Dave / Ratboys

Handshake deals are a beautiful thing. Something so simple as a handshake can be so important. This podcast was recorded because of a handshake.

This episode is great! I’m very happy that it worked out because it almost didn’t. Thanks again Julia and Dave for being true night owls 🙂

Keep up with all things Ratboys on their website.

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Episode 37 – Jimmy Wilkens / Jimmy Lo-Fi


Take 2! James is here and he’s promoting his solo music Jimmy Lo Fi. It’s really good, you guys!

Keep up with Jimmy’s other bands: The Sonder Bombs and The Scuzzballs.

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Episode 36 – Nez Tha Princegod


Nez is such a smart song writer. You’ll hear what I’m talking about. This episode was a lot of fun to record. I’m very excited to hear what Nez and the rest of Misfit Life Records comes out with.

Listen to Nez’s music here. Don’t sleep on this guy!

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Episode 35 – Jack Johnson / Backtalk

I do this podcast to have conversations with my friends and to learn more about their music. Jack and I have a serious, but very silly conversation. I really liked this one. I know I say that a lot, but I always mean it.

Keep up with Backtalk’s music on their bandcamp.

Thanks for listening! 🙂