Episode 50 – Jon Rogers / Host of Write Songs, You Idiot

Artist: Jon Rogers

Song: Punch

This one is all about me.

You can find Mary’s music at kekic.bandcamp.com

Keep up with Eric’s bands! Heavenly Creatures heavenlycreaturesmusic.bandcamp.com and Curtail

Thanks for listening ❤

Episode 49 – Chris Petri / Witch Church

Band: Witch Church

Song: Cleveland Grey

I met Chris on a Wednesday and he came over the following Sunday. It was really nice having him over for a chat.

Find more Witch Church music at www.witchchurch.bandcamp.com

Thanks again, Chris

Episode 48 – Tyler Brown / Ghost Slime

This episode is full of conspiracies! Get into the weeds with us, people! Learn the TRUTH.

Check out Tyler’s band Ghost Slime www.ghostslime.bandcamp.com

Thanks again, Tyler! Love ya!