Episode 45 – Julia & Wes Crow / The Fifth House

It was fun having Julia and Wes over to talk about their relationship to music. Listen to us become friends!

Keep up with The Fifth House at thefifthhouseband.com

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Episode 43 – Ben Selvey / Failed Astronauts

Ben has been my friend for a while now. It’s nice to hear how he has grown out of his party days and now focuses on being a hardworking family man. I’m happy for you, bud πŸ™‚

Keep up with Failed Astronauts. They just put out a new album called Brick Thrower.

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Episode 42 – Dave Coughlin / Cobbles / The Scuzzballs

I have a new friend named Dave! He is a good musician and he and I have a lot in common. It was nice getting to know him and his music during our talk.

Keep with with Dave’s music on his bandcamp.

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Episode 41 – Jess and Brandon / Looming

Natural lulls are a beautiful yet funny thing. Keep track of how many times they occur πŸ˜‰

This is a great episode! It was so fun and silly and we all laughed so much!

Keep up with all things Looming!

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Episode 40 – Alisha / Punch Drunk Tagalongs

Alisha was one of the first people to reach out to me when I announced that Write Songs, You Idiot was going to be something. Over a year later, we made it happen.

Keep up with Punch Drunk Tagalongs. Please go to their album release show on 4/7/18 at the Grog Shop. Tickets are available!

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