Episode 50 – Jon Rogers / Host of Write Songs, You Idiot

Artist: Jon Rogers

Song: Punch

This one is all about me.

You can find Mary’s music at kekic.bandcamp.com

Keep up with Eric’s bands! Heavenly Creatures heavenlycreaturesmusic.bandcamp.com and Curtail

Thanks for listening ❤

Episode 49 – Chris Petri / Witch Church

Band: Witch Church

Song: Cleveland Grey

I met Chris on a Wednesday and he came over the following Sunday. It was really nice having him over for a chat.

Find more Witch Church music at www.witchchurch.bandcamp.com

Thanks again, Chris

Episode 48 – Tyler Brown / Ghost Slime

This episode is full of conspiracies! Get into the weeds with us, people! Learn the TRUTH.

Check out Tyler’s band Ghost Slime www.ghostslime.bandcamp.com

Thanks again, Tyler! Love ya!


Episode 47 – Liv Lombardi

I thought that I was going to be a bit rusty for this one, but nope. Ya boy pulled it off! This episode was a lot of fun. Liv is a great musician! It was so nice having her over.

Keep up with all of Liv’s music, tour dates, and social media at livlombardi.com

Thanks for listening!

Episode 45 – Julia & Wes Crow / The Fifth House

It was fun having Julia and Wes over to talk about their relationship to music. Listen to us become friends!

Keep up with The Fifth House at thefifthhouseband.com

Thanks for listening!