Episode 19 – Jacob Lee / Runaway Brother

I FINALLY got Jacob over here for a podcast. He is a fantastic musician and a very good songwriter. I have been seeing Runaway Brother for a very long time now. Seeing and hearing this band grow as people and musicians is an incredible thing. They are all so talented! If you’re not hip to this band… I don’t even have the words. Just listen to them ASAP.

Love you Jakey ❤

Episode 18 – Amy Shoff / Heavenly Creatures

I’ve only seen Heavenly Creatures a handful of times, but each time has been great. HC puts on a good show. Amy’s songs are all really good! Based off of the one song we talked about, you can tell that she works really hard on them.

I had a lot of fun talking to her!

Heavenly Creatures have a lot of upcoming shows. Go to one if you can. Tell’em Ol’ Jonny sent ya.

Thanks, Amy 🙂



Episode 16 – Cape Farewell 

Cape Farewell is a trill band. I have known DJ (pictured) and Erich (not pictured) for a long time now. It’s great seeing them and hearing their band get better!

DJ is the soft spoken wordsmith of CF. He writes about interesting things and spins it to relate to his life. Imagine that! #duh

I had a lot of fun recording this one. It was very cool seeing how an old friend writes his songs.

Thanks for listening! Episode 17 will be up soon!


Episode 15 – Rayne / Human Petting Zoo

Annnnnnd I’m back with a BRAND NEW episode! Wow! This one was a lot of fun to record. Rayne is a very smart musician. She gets to the point with her songwriting. Her songs are very take it or leave it. …You’re going to want to take them. They are all great songs. #youth

You can find more of her songs on her bandcamp. She says that googling Human Petting Zoo will take you right to her music and Facebook. Give it a try!

Thanks again, Rayne!

Thanks for listening and keeping up with WSYI. More episodes are coming up soon!

Episode 04 – Kevin Has A Drug Problem / Alex Couts

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 11.37.27 PM

Episode 04 is the last of the old YouTube videos. From here on out, it’s all new stuff! It’s my pal Alex from the band Kevin Has A Drug Problem. I’m not sure who Kevin is though. Maybe Kevin doesn’t exist? Who knows? Alex might… You should ask him. I hope you like this episode. It might feel a little rushed because Alex had to get home because a snowstorm was on its way.

You can listen to more of Alex’s music riiiiiight here!

We’ll be back on track with episode 15 soon. It feels good to have all of these episodes in one place.

Thanks for listening  ❤


Episode 03 – Nic “The Pure Boy” Adkins

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 11.37.09 PM

The sweet baby boy has arrived! It’s episode 03 with Nic! His song is called Texting and Driving and it’s about how he doesn’t do that anymore. Good for you, Nic! It IS dangerous.

Please go listen to Nic’s music! It would mean a lot to the Pure Boy.

Thank you for listening and episode 04 will be up next week! 🙂



Episode 02 – Mary Kekic


Episode 02 is here! Please listen and let Mary know what you think about her episode. It’s been a real treat watching her grow as a musician. Her songs are already so good and now they’re getting better! I don’t even know what to call that next level.

Find more of her music on her bandcamp.

Thanks for listening! 🙂 Episode 03 will be up next week!