Episode 63 – TGIL Series Ep. 1 – Origin / Baby Steps, Baby


Here is the first episode in my quest to give every singe one of The Ground Is Lava’s songs their own episode. This episode is all about the origin of TGIL and the first song we wrote.

The Ground Is Lava’s music is now available on Apple Music and Spotify

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Episode 62 – Brianna Snyder / Saltlick

Artist/ Band: Brianna Snyder / Saltlick

Song: Mint Green

Keep an eye on Brianna. She has an album coming out on 11/10. You can find more of her music at saltlickoh.bandcamp.com

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Episode 60 – Lone Thunder

Band: Lone Thunder

Song: Sitting On The Edge

Wait until you hear what animal Greg thinks he can beat in a fight. Wow.

Keep up with LT on all their social media. Be on the look out for when they start playing shows too.

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Episode 58 – Nic Adkins (Returns)

Artist: Nic Adkins

Song: It Should Have Been Me

“Chipped ham sandwiches were my pb& j.”

Go see Nic play music

  • 7/19 @ Spider House in Pittsburg, PA
  • 7/31 @ Mahalls in Lakewood, OH
  • 8/25 (Los Ojos) @ Mahalls in Lakewood, OH

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Episode 57 – Rayne Memphis Bug / Honey Club (RETURNS)

Artist: Honey Club

Song: Notes In My Pocket

Rayne is back, y’all! This one is definitely one of my favorites.

“Bitch, I be acting.”

Find her music at bugbugtapes.bandcamp.com, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon.

Catch Rayne at a show

  • 7/28 @ Hive Mind in Akron, OH (her band Sap is playing this one)
  • 9/3 @ Oak Dale in Akron, OH

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